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Invest with – we buy and develop sites with traffic monetization, and you get annual yield of 25% from your investment.
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Our BARIN token is backed by internet assets and is not rigidly linked to volatility associated with the change in Bitcoin exchange rate. Earn on daily buybacks.
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How does it work?

We receive money from our investors

We conclude an investment loan agreement with the Investor.

We analyse and buy promising sites with advertising revenue

Thanks to our vast experience and high qualifications, our team constantly monitors promising lots on the asset exchange.

We host sites on our servers

Round-the-clock technical support, work with technical faults, protection from hacks and viruses. Accessibility of the project is very important, since sites with traffic bring us income every minute.

We develop sites increasing their profitability

Our specialists are constantly working. We increase the traffic of purchased sites, optimize them for search engines, which directly affects the return on investment. We increase profitability by choosing the optimal advertising tools, we conduct tests of various monetization methods, tests of ad units and CPA offers, we work with direct advertisers.

We share the advertising profit with our Investors

We accept payments from advertising networks (Google AdSense, Yandex YAN, etc.), share income with investors.

Road map


Development of personal cabinet

с 09.2018

Purchase and monetization of the web sites


Mobile application for our users


Games and applications - purchase and monetization


Entry into Amazon market - white Label projects


Web sites and webmasters exchange



Learn more about KYC

To invest in our project, it is necessary to go through the verification process, these are the requirements of regulatory authorities for our company; you will have to fill out the necessary personal data and send photos of documents proving your identity. In addition, we conclude an investment loan agreement, therefore, anonymity in this case is inappropriate.

For the individual:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Patronymic
  • Country
  • City
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Zip code
  • National ID Number
  • Series and number of the document
  • Date of issue of the document
  • Document validity
  • Passport or ID card photo
  • Selfie with the document

For the company:

  • Company name
  • Legal address
  • Registration number
  • Relevant extract from the register of companies where a person having the right to sign is visible (no older than 3 months).
Documents will be checked within 24 hours

BARIN token

Funds raised from cryptocurrency investors (BTC) through the sale of the BARIN token are used to purchase Internet resources. The asset income will be used to buy back the token on exchanges. The project team will place one sell order for exactly the number of coins that it can use based on the situation in the asset market (site exchange), i.e. Constant analysis of existing offers for the sale of sites allows you to estimate how much money can be accepted from investors at the moment.

Daily buyback of coins on the exchange due to advertising income from Internet projects. The buyback takes place automatically. The automated system, directly through the API AdSence and Yandex, allows to make a daily automatic buyback on the exchange, exactly for the amount that projects earn from advertising.

The constant buyback of the token on the exchange stimulates the growth of the rate. The constant buyback of the coin through advertising income will provoke an increase in the value of the coin, due to which the investor will earn by selling the coin at a higher price than he bought.

Advertising revenue in USD means there is no strong link to the BTC rate. Since advertising revenue is in dollars and euros, the BARIN token is not rigidly linked to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market associated with a change in the Bitcoin exchange rate.

BARIN token is developed based on the Binance Smart Chain smart contract.

The advantage of our tokenomics is that cryptocurrency investors invest their funds in assets of classic currencies, and the income from assets in dollars and euros goes to support the cryptocurrency asset (BARIN token).

Repurchase of shares

Daily tokens buyback at the exchange


Listing at various cryptocurrency exchanges

Listing plans

Listing is scheduled for 6 more exchanges

Site exchange
Ad networks
Barin places tokens on the exchange
Investor buys coins listed on the exchange
Barin withdraws money received from the sale of coins from the exchange
Barin buys assets, ad-based websites
Barin generates revenue from ad networks by placing ads on purchased sites
Barin redeems BARIN tokens daily on the exchange, for the amount received from ad networks
The investor receives income from the sold tokens due to the daily buyback of coins by Barin

Road map of our token


Smart contract launch


First coin sale


Bot launch with automatic token buyback


Listing at



Listing at


Listing at PancakeSwap


Listing at the sixth exchange

About us

Our core team has been working in the field of IT development since 2008 Over the course of our activity, we have implemented over 200 small and 9 large projects which helped us acquire knowledge and experience in the field. To take the business to the next level, we have created service where anyone can join our project as an investor un earn with us.

Our project activity consists of the following stages:

  • At the exchanges and within the Internet, we look for websites that bring advertising revenue;
  • We analyze their financials and technical side;
  • The websites that get through our selection are purchased by us so that the yield is equal to 50%;
  • After the purchase we develop and maintain the websites in order to increase their yield.

Our future goal is to enter the market of game development and development of the whole offering franchise for the sales offices in different regions of the world. Apart from that, we are also planning to launch our own domain registrar and hosting in which we will integrate all the newest blockchain technologies. The next stage of our company’s development will be our own internet asset exchange service.

You can become an investor with in two ways:

  • 1 By investing with classical currency directly in your personal cabinet on our website. Just register on our site, we will verify you in 24 hours and you can start investing. If you choose to invest with regular currency, we pay you yearly dividends - 25% of your investment amount from our asset website monetization.
  • 2 By buying our BARIN token on stock exchange PancakeSwap. If you choose to buy our BARIN token, then you can earn from the daily automated buybacks at the exchange, exactly for the amount the projects earn on advertising. For more– see info about our BARIN token

All of the investments you make are supported by our assets, i.е. the websites that bring advertising revenue.


At the moment has acquired several asset sites with traffic monetization. Each of the websites focus on particular topic such as:

  • Rest, Food and Health;
  • House Cleaning and Laundry;
  • Banks, Deposits, Loans and Finance;
  • Medicine, ENT, Disease and Treatment;
  • Garbage Removal and Disposal.

For more info and statistics on owned websites, please log in to your personal cabinet.


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Toms Bethers
CEO & Founder
Vadim Nester
CMO & Founder
Alex Meleshko
CTO & Founder
Liga Lapsa
Head of Marketing

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Cryptocurrency operations license


Investment loan agreement

KYC procedure

KYC procedure with every investor